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Our story

Cut&Stick was launched in 2018 with a simple mission: to help people make beautiful things. 

Creating something brilliant and beautiful yourself is so rewarding. It's one reason why crafting activities are proven to have multiple health and wellbeing benefits, including stress management.


But making it happen is difficult, from designing a project, to figuring out what you need to do it, tracking bits and pieces down, and learning new skills and techniques  -  especially when you aren’t sure that you'll finish up with something you actually want to own.


Cut&Stick's founder, Charlotte, has always loved designing, making and painting - especially when it’s things for her home. She wanted to get more people doing the same, so Cut&Stick was born. Each of our curated kits contains a design-led project that’s easy to learn, with everything you need to complete it inside the box.

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